Apply for co-funding

How to apply for co-funding from the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

Current fund status: CLOSED

Subject to funding approval, the next round of the fund will open in August 2019.

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Build a strong application

The fund is highly competitive. To give your project the best chance of success, start by reading all the information below.

 Summaries of approved projects

 Successful co-funded projects

Purpose, objectives and scope of the fund

These do not change and are non-negotiable. Read about them below.

 About the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund

Investment focus

Applications must meet the current investment focus, as well as the fund’s objectives and scope.

The investment focus is updated each year to make sure investment matches New Zealand’s progress towards low emissions transport.

The current investment focus, valid for rounds 5 and 6 is:

  • Support the development of the charging network by identifying and filling the key gaps in the network, and by supporting EV charging stations in priority locations where further facilities are needed
  • Facilitate the scale-up of LEV technology, especially in shared fleets and public transport
  • Enable the demonstration and uptake of light and heavy LEVs and associated technologies through high visibility projects in sectors of the economy where LEVs remain relatively unproven
  • Encourage electric vehicle technology innovation, particularly Vehicle-to-Grid and Smart Charging technologies potentially resulting in reductions to peak electricity demand
  • Support the development of electric vehicle maintenance, repair and other support services.

Examples of the types of projects we would consider as fitting the investment focus include:

  • Regional partnerships to catalyse territorial authorities and the electricity sector to build provincial EV communities, which will result in increased EV uptake, and the development of the rural charging network
  • Charging infrastructure at tourism destinations, in smaller centres, and on secondary routes to help speed up the establishment of a nationwide recharging network
  • Assisting with infrastructure costs to enable the rollout of electric bus fleets or large light electric vehicle fleets
  • Deployment of electric trucks and electric buses in the logistics and public transport sectors
  • Vehicle-to-grid trials and smart charging technology which lead to peak electricity demand ‘shaving’ and corresponding benefits to EV owners
  • Addressing consumer confidence about EV servicing through industry accreditation
  • Expanding EV car share projects
  • Scale-up of EV charging infrastructure in key locations

EECA is particularly looking for projects that will help to fill charging infrastructure gaps in the main highways especially down the West Coast of the South Island as identified by NZTA, and on major tourism routes such as Arthur’s Pass and Milford Sound.

Frequently asked questions

How much can you apply for?

You can apply for up to 50% of total project costs to a maximum of $500,000. Other proposals will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Find out more in the RFP documents below.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to all New Zealand-based legal entities except Public Service Departments and Statutory Crown Entities such as District Health Boards. Projects must be delivered in New Zealand but can involve overseas-based partners.

What’s the application process?

There are two funding rounds a year. Applicants generally have 4-6 weeks to submit proposals after the funding round opens.

An independent panel of market experts then assesses proposals against the fund objectives and investment focus, the applicant’s ability to deliver and the project’s value for money.

The assessment panel makes recommendations to the EECA Board, which makes final decisions. The approval process takes around three months.

When would I receive the co-funding?

EECA works with successful applicants to put contracts in place and share results. Co-funding is paid out when projects reach agreed milestones, which are detailed in your funding agreement.

Tips to nail your application

Key documents

Download these documents to apply to the current funding round (round 6)

Note, they may be updated for future funding rounds.

How to hear the latest

To receive fund updates:

For all other queries, email