New Zealand has rich renewable resources for meeting our electricity needs; predominantly hydroelectricity, as well as wind and geothermal energy. Over 80% of our electricity demand is met from renewable resources, but thermal generation from coal and gas is also used, particularly at peak demand times such as winter evenings.

Using electricity more efficiently will enable the decarbonisation of other energy uses such as transport and process heat. This is because it frees up capacity in the electricity system and makes individual fuel switching investments more cost effective. Our modelling shows that Nationwide uptake of energy efficient technology, such as LED lighting and heat pumps, could significantly reduce the cost of meeting New Zealand’s ambitious 100% renewable electricity by 2035 goal.

 Energy efficiency first - Link to media release and reports

Co-investing in energy efficient technologies and renewable sources of energy

Technology developments are increasingly important and some of the biggest opportunities are in decarbonising equipment for process heat and transport. When there are financial barriers, we help to overcome these and appropriately share the financial risk to incentivise energy users to invest in efficient technologies and renewable sources of energy that can make a real difference.

Motivating New Zealanders to make clean and clever energy choices

Reducing electricity demand at peak times is a key opportunity to limit the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, as well as extra infrastructure spending to deal with peak demand. Our website provides practical information, advice and tools to help targeted audiences to make informed energy choices. Our Rightware tool makes it easier for people to choose energy efficient appliances that also fit their requirements and cost profile. We also provide information about the government-funded home insulation programme Warmer Kiwi Homes . Our Energy Management Journey tool provides recommendations for businesses about how they can reduce their energy usage and our Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership tool allow businesses to compare and choose the right vehicle for their fleet.

Regulating proven technologies and processes

We continue to improve the electricity efficiency of products and appliances available for sale in New Zealand through our successful trans-Tasman Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) programme. More efficient technologies use less electricity and save both households and businesses money.