New Zealand has rich renewable resources for meeting our electricity needs; predominantly hydroelectricity, as well as wind and geothermal energy. Over 80% of our electricity demand is met from renewable resources, but thermal generation from coal and gas is also used, particularly at peak demand times such as winter evenings.

Electricity efficiency reduces costs to consumers and demand for expensive thermal generation, which produces greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity efficiency can be achieved through using more efficient products, such as LED lights or heat pumps, as well as insulation, so less heating is required to warm rooms.

Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme

EECA works with its Australian counterparts to raise the energy efficiency of residential, commercial and industrial products sold in New Zealand and Australia.

Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme


Energywise is EECA’s one-stop-shop for practical information, advice and tools to help people make energy efficient choices. It also has information about the government-funded home insulation programme Warmer Kiwi Homes. Energywise Insulation Funding Energy efficient lighting Rightware appliance running costs tool

Peak electricity demand

Reducing electricity demand at peak times is a key opportunity to limit the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, as well as extra infrastructure spending to deal with peak demand.   Big benefits from reducing peak energy use