Round 9 investment focus

This funding round sought proposals to increase the availability of public electric vehicle chargers on key holiday journey routes throughout New Zealand in time for Christmas 2023.

Up to $3 million was available in Round 9.

Round 9 objectives

EECA has identified 14 major holiday journey routes with twenty-five specific locations which are the subject of this RFP. These routes have been identified through analysis of New Zealand traffic flows and analysis of peak-season traffic data obtained from Waka Kotahi.  Applicants may apply for one or more of the specified locations.

The RFP provides detail on the expected minimum specifications for each of the sites listed.

Applicants may propose Projects which include charging infrastructure, electrical connection, site works, modest project management, and where necessary contribution to additional supply capacity where it provides public benefit.

These projects should:

  • Support EV uptake and provide consumers with confidence in the availability of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Ensure charging infrastructure standards such as interoperability, connectivity and energy efficiency are adequately met.
  • Provide the government and industry with information and guidance to better inform planning and optimal investment.
  • Encourage new entrants and competition for provision of charging infrastructure and service providers.
  • Enable innovation in new technology and business models.
  • Demonstrate pathways to commercial viability and scalability.

Recipients will be required to share knowledge, reporting and data with EECA as part of the Funding Agreement which will set out how, when and with whom it will be shared.

Other future funding rounds will seek applications for destination charging projects, where users visit a location for more than four hours, for example overnight, and where the solution will be for AC charging.


What is excluded

The overall Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF) exclusions apply to this round, for example projects that involve public journey changing infrastructure, biofuels, marine vessels, aviation and other classes of off-road vehicles are excluded in this round and will be explored in future funding rounds — get in touch with us to discuss any project ideas involving these areas. Private charging infrastructure and projects which are largely for the benefit of a private entity or only provide limited public access are excluded.

LETF exclusions

Key dates

RFP released 9am Wednesday 26 April 2023
Deadline for questions 4pm Wednesday 10 May 2023
Deadline for proposals 12pm Wednesday 17 May 2023
Decision announced From mid June 2023


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