Round 5 investment focus

This two-stage process sought interested and qualified parties for co-funding to implement two prototype public charging infrastructure hub sites.

Stage One was a Registration of Interest (ROI) which asked respondents to tell us about their qualifications, partnerships and experience in implementing public charging infrastructure.

Stage One closed on 7 September 2022.

Only invited ROI respondents may invited to apply in the subsequent Stage Two Request for Proposals (RFP) for co-funding to implement one or both prototype public charging infrastructure hubs. The RFP will make available in the region of up to $8-10 million of co-funding, available across the two sites, one to be in the North Island, and one to be in the South Island.

Successful RFP applications will be announced from late December 2022 or early 2023.

Key dates

Request for Proposals
RFP opens Wednesday 5 October, 9am
RFP decisions Expected by late 2022


Round 5 ROI/RFP objectives

This ROI's focus was on two areas:

  1. To identify organisations that have the interest, skills and experience to develop and implement public charging infrastructure.
  2. To shortlist registrants who may be invited to apply to the subsequent RFP for two prototype public charging infrastructure hubs.

 EECA encouraged qualified parties to register their interest, as participation does not require application to the subsequent RFP, but would enable these parties to get involved in the conversations about the development of the public charging network.

RFP Objective:

The prototype hub projects in the Stage Two RFP are sited at identified priority locations, and are intended to provide multiple high powered charging heads, end user services and security similar to a petrol station (food, toilets, accessible locations and so on), and a seamless user experience across sites with open payment services. This model will be used to engage the charging infrastructure eco-system, from the charging provider to the local councils, electricity distributors and Iwi and local communities.


EECA’s general objectives for public charging infrastructure:

  • Support EV uptake and provide consumers with confidence in the availability of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Ensure charging infrastructure standards such as interoperability, connectivity and energy efficiency are adequately met.
  • Provide the government and industry with information and guidance to better inform planning and optimal investment.
  • Encourage new entrants and competition for provision of charging infrastructure and service providers.
  • Enable innovation in new technology and business models.

Key ROI documents

These documents are for reference only. Round 5's ROI closed on 7 September 2022.

Registration of Interest [PDF, 528 KB]

Response form pdf (for reference only) [PDF, 369 KB]

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF, 116 KB]


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