Low emissions equipment for business

The Equipment Replacement Scheme (ERS) is designed to help small to medium businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors install and upgrade to energy-efficient, low emissions, technologies and processes. 

A range of programmes and products, targeted to different business sectors, will be included – the aim being to accelerate the update of specific technologies. The priority areas identified include water heating (through hot water heat pumps), space heating, commercial lighting systems and electric motor systems.

ERS is part of the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry Fund (GIDI).

About the Hot Water Heat Pumps programme

The Hot Water Heat Pump programme is the first initiative within ERS and will be open for businesses and public sector organisations.

Heating water in industrial and commercial businesses consumes nearly 10% of all non-transport energy in New Zealand. Hot water heat pumps provide an energy-efficient, low-emissions solution to the traditional technology used to produce hot water in commercial and industrial spaces.

The programme will focus on:

  • retrofitting hot water heat pumps in commercial buildings
  • proven technologies for equipment replacement
  • support for switching from fossil-fuelled boilers to ‘air-to-water’ heat pump hot water systems, and
  • co-funding for up to 30-50% of project costs (in accordance with criteria).

We have the tools and expertise to reduce our energy-related emissions and move off fossil fuels. And the good news is there are co-benefits to decarbonising like reducing your energy-use and, in time, your costs.

Nicki Sutherland, Group Manager Business, EECA

The RFP to join the installers panel is closed

All applicants from the RFP process will be notified in late May/early June.

The installer panel will be established to work collaboratively with EECA and prepare for the launch of the Hot Water Heat Pump programme. The programme will focus on retrofitting hot water heat pump systems with 15-50kw output into commercial buildings. Once the panel is established full details of the programme will be available. 

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How to apply

This is an open competitive tender process. 

Read the Hot Water Heat Pumps Programme RFP document carefully and follow the instructions.

For any queries about this RFP, including requests for help in completing the response form, contact Brad McMeekin, Senior Procurement Advisor at applications@eeca.govt.nz or apply directly through the Government Electronic Tenders System (GETS).

Watch the supplier briefing webinar

EECA hosted the supplier briefing for the ERS Hot Water Heat Pumps programme at 10am on 18th April 2023.

Download the presentation here [PDF, 523 KB]

Frequently asked questions [PDF, 318 KB]