EECA is seeking evaluation services to conduct an empirical study of the WKH programme (2018-2022), primarily focused on the clean heating intervention given the case for insulation is so well established.

This will seek to answer two key questions:

  1. How much warmer and drier are WKH homes?
  2. What occupant behaviours or other factors are affecting the results?

In addition to this empirical study we are also seeking a revised cost benefit analysis, based on the results of the empirical study and previous work.

EECA is procuring these evaluation services through a two-stage process: This open ROI, and a closed RFP or RFQ. The purpose of this ROI is to invite innovative proposals for how robust answers to our key questions can be delivered. The subsequent RFP/RFQ will include a defined study methodology and budget envelope, informed by responses to this ROI.

Registration of Interest - Gets Website REF:23458151(external link)