EECA is seeking to develop the evidence base and further the understanding in this area in response to the existing gap in energy end use information for Government.

This opportunity is to engage with the downstream industry to collect and undertake analysis and research on the end use characteristics and annual energy use breakdown by technology and equipment type. It will also generate detailed case studies by selected off-road equipment type for energy efficiency opportunities, decarbonisation and switching to alternative low-emission energy sources.

We are seeking a suitably qualified provider to assist EECA to engage with the downstream industry including end users, undertake research and collect data and information on energy use and various characteristics by equipment type providing a ‘bottom up’ view. This includes formulating a classification framework for technology and equipment (e.g. motive power - mobile equipment and motive power - stationary equipment), understanding the numbers of equipment operating in NZ, apportioning annual energy use by fuel type to the relevant equipment type and gather insights on equipment end use characteristics. We require analysis to better understand where and how the fuel is used and examples through detailed technical case studies that identify opportunities for energy efficiency and decarbonising fossil fuel use here in New Zealand (e.g. diesel and petrol).

For this study, off-road activity (excludes marine, aviation and rail technology) consists of fuel consumption for land-based technologies and equipment such as tractors, diggers, forestry machinery, farm equipment and construction vehicles.

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Closes Friday 19 November 2021