Our websites

We promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of energy from renewable sources through our 3 websites.


This is where you can find out how New Zealand uses energy, and how EECA supports and promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation and our renewable energy.

You’ll learn about:

  • why energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy are important
  • different forms of renewable energy
  • how we encourage energy efficient products and practices
  • the partners and suppliers that deliver our programmes.


Smart energy management is part of good business practice. Our website provides your business, whatever its size, with information, funding and advice to help make it more energy efficient and competitive.

You’ll learn how:

  • to overcome barriers to better energy management
  • to develop an energy plan for your business
  • better energy management boosts productivity and enhances your reputation
  • other businesses have improved their bottom line through energy efficiency.



Our ENERGYWISE website gives you practical advice on how to be more energy efficient at home and on the road.

The ENERGYWISE website is about:

  • explaining the benefits of energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy in the home and on the road
  • providing people with trusted, independent information on what works and what doesn’t
  • providing tools that help people make informed decisions on energy efficiency investments that suit their lifestyle, their household or their family
  • showing people how to take action easily.