Our teams

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Strategy and Performance

The Strategy and Performance Group sets EECA’s strategic direction, working with our Board, our Minister and across Government to deliver strong, evidence-based programme design, insights from the market, and credible information.

The group is made up of three teams:

Strategy and Programme Development

This team delivers strong, evidence-based programme design and authoritative information to set EECA’s strategic direction. It works with external consultants and experts, our Board, Minister and across Government.

Measurement, Insight and Reporting (MIR)

This team provides independent and authoritative information and insight on energy efficiency and renewable energy. This evidence base adds value to EECA’s programme design, development and delivery and helps businesses, consumers, government and other agencies make informed investment decisions.

Government Engagement

This team works to build and maintain EECA’s reputation and authority status with the Minister of Energy and Resources, MBIE as our monitoring agency, and stakeholders across the wider government system. It meets EECA’s public sector reporting and accountability requirements to the Government, Parliament and the public.

Market Engagement

The Market Engagement Group delivers EECA’s programmes across the transport, business and residential markets.

Programme Market Engagement

This team works to overcome market barriers to energy efficiency and carbon reduction in the business sector. It engages directly with the largest energy-using businesses, providing expert advice on best practice, technologies and funding, and facilitating networks. It also administers three funds, including the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

Market Partnerships

This team indirectly influences the market by providing industry support. It manages funding for programme partners such as energy experts, industry associations and service providers to achieve energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Standards and Regulations

This team is responsible for the regulation and compliance of standards and labelling programmes. It also looks after New Zealand's obligations under Trans-Tasman and APEC product labelling agreements. Their work saves New Zealanders money by removing the least efficient products from the market.

Communications and Engagement

This team uses communications and marketing skills to help EECA influence the way New Zealanders use energy. It uses market research to understand target audiences and can reach them with relevant and compelling messages delivered through advertising campaigns, websites, news, events and social media.


Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services Group supports EECA in everything we do.

Contracts and Grants Management

This team provides support and expertise around grants made under programmes such as Warmer Kiwi Homes, and EECA’s contracts with a wide range of clients and service providers. It manages procurement, records and privacy.

People and Property

This team manages EECA’s HR function. It also looks after EECA’s property and facilities management.

Finance and IT

This team manages EECA’s finance requirements and reporting including accounts, budgeting and forecasting. Team members also manage EECA’s IT infrastructure, phone systems and security.