Our people

To find out more about our senior managers and the teams that deliver our energy efficiency programmes, look in the relevant sections below.

Senior management

Andrew Caseley, Chief Executive

Andrew Caseley has held executive leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. Before joining EECA in 2017, he worked for 10 years at MWH, a global engineering and environmental consultancy. For most of that period he was the Managing Director of the New Zealand business; he then became the Operations Director for Australia and New Zealand.

He was previously Chief Executive Officer of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council for 13 years.

Andrew has a commerce degree with an accounting major and is a Companion Member of the Institute of Professional Engineers.

General Managers

Ian Horne, Group Manager Corporate Services

Ian led the state sector and public finance reforms in the New Zealand Customs Service before moving to Public Trust in 2001, where he led reforms that returned the organisation to profitability. His diverse private sector experience includes banking and the motor industry.

He has a Master of Business Administration (with Honours) from Massey University, has completed the Strategic Management Programme at the Henley Business School in the UK, and is a graduate of the Jonahsm programme. Ian joined EECA in October 2006

Greg Visser, Group Manager Market Engagement

Before joining EECA, Greg was responsible for developing a range of new energy technologies at Solid Energy. He’s worked in technical and management roles for the petrochemical and gas industries in New Zealand and South Africa. Greg holds a Bachelor in Engineering in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor in Commerce majoring in Business Management.

Jenny Lackey, Group Manager Strategy and Performance Group

Jenny is currently responsible for strategic planning, communications, marketing and regulatory affairs for EECA.  Jenny holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons).  Jenny has held a variety of roles in EECA and has also worked in the Office of the Prime Minister.  Jenny is a founding member of the Young Energy Professionals’ Network NZ, and is an alumnus of the World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders’ programme.

Our Board

EECA is governed by a board of 6 to 8 members who are appointed by and report to the Minister of Energy and Resources.

 Our Board

Market delivery teams

We have 3 market delivery teams that work with stakeholders to improve energy use across all sectors of the economy.

Residential Team

The Residential Team works to improve the way New Zealanders use energy at home. The team provides financial incentives for insulation and runs campaigns to encourage more efficient energy use.

Business Team

The Business Team delivers training, information and financial programmes to help businesses find significant, cost-effective and sustainable energy savings.

Transport Team

New Zealanders’ transport choices and behaviour have significant potential for saving energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Our Transport Team consolidates expertise from across EECA to help vehicle fleets and individual motorists.

Corporate teams

We have two corporate teams that deliver our projects, programmes and statutory obligations.

Strategic and Delivery Services Team

Strategy and Programme Portfolio Team

This team looks after our programme portfolio planning, research, technology and information management. It also helps to identify and test strategic opportunities and programme design.

Efficient Products Team

The team is responsible for the regulation and compliance of standards and labelling programmes. It also looks after New Zealand's obligations under Trans-Tasman and APEC product labelling agreements.

Marketing Team

Along with the high-profile Energy Spot television series, the team delivers campaigns to promote home insulation, efficient lighting, fuel efficient driving and energy efficiency in business. Through our websites, the team makes sure you have access to useful, reliable information about energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Communications and Government Relations

The team manages corporate communications to build EECA's profile and make sure that the relevance of EECA's work is understood. The team also oversees EECA's relationship with the Minister of Energy and Resources and other government agencies.

Corporate Services Team

Finance and IT Team

The team provides our financial and IT support.

People and Property Team

Our People and Property Team makes sure we attract and retain talented staff and oversees their training and development.

Business Intelligence Team

Business Intelligence ensures our annual business plan, our 4-year plan and our strategic plan are working in harmony.

Contracts and Grants Management

The team provides support and expertise around grant payments, procurement and record keeping.