Transport Award - sponsored by Business NZ

The Transport Award recognises an initiative that is successful in improving transport energy efficiency or increasing the amount of renewable energy used in transport, where benefits are likely to be sustained (rather than a one-off project).

Highly commended - BP Oil

A thorough action plan has delivered fuel savings worth $95,000 over 18 months - while improving road safety.

BP Oil has improved both fuel efficiency and safety in the heavy vehicle fleet run by Brandz Distributers in Auckland and Mt Maunganui. One of the first companies to use the skills of a Heavy Vehicle Performance Adviser, over 18 months the 15-truck fleet achieved fuel savings of more than $95,000 and reduced CO2 emissions by more than 290 tonnes. A detailed action plan covered all the essentials - combining driver training and communication, collecting and managing data, and improving vehicles themselves through better maintenance and aerodynamics. In addition to fuel savings, the programme has improved safety. Trucks are travelling slower overall, with 70% fewer ‘over-speed' events and drivers report feeling less stressed. The roles of fuel champion and driver trainer are now permanent in the business, with refresher sessions offered to ensure there's no drop-off.

The judges said: "A thorough investigation of all possible fuel savings and an excellent case study for the wider industry."

Highly commended - EROAD

Smart technology relays fuel data to fleet owners, saving clients more than $220,000 last year alone.

After launching the first GPS / cellular based service to manage Road User Charges in 2009, transport data experts EROAD developed EZfuel - a smart way to track fleet fuel use. The system allows fleet operators to track and proactively manage fuel use across many vehicles - giving unprecedented detail on performance. By partnering with fuel retailers, EROAD has been able to create a module that combines transactional data from fuel cards with location information generated by hardware in the vehicle. This makes it easy to identify inefficient vehicles, poor driving behaviour, trends and exceptions. With real-time vehicle data displayed on maps, EZfuel also allows better route planning and improved fleet productivity. Using intelligence from the system, EROAD's customers collectively were able to notch up fuel savings in 2013 worth more than $220,000.

The judges said: "This shows industry best practice in fleet management. The technology helps improve safety as well as bringing energy benefits. It's great to see a fleet management tool focus on energy performance."