Large Business Award - sponsored by Buddle Findlay

The Large Business Award recognises a business that has completed a successful energy efficiency or renewable energy initiative as part of a wider energy management strategy.

Winner – Hexion Specialty Chemicals and Energy Plant Solutions

An elegant solution turned a waste gas stream into energy - cutting fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions by nearly 90%.

A manufacturer of specialised resins for the wood panels industry, Hexion Specialty Chemicals produces waste gas at a rate of 3,900m3 per hour. When looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint and improve efficiency, Hexion sought to use the gas as boiler fuel and turned to Energy Plant Solutions, who devised a special combustion system. In a neat self-sustaining cycle, the waste gas from the manufacturing process has itself become fuel, so the boiler needs no fossil fuel for continuous operation. The project has reduced light fuel oil use and CO2 emissions by close to 90%, while greatly improving air quality. Particulate (PM10) emissions are down 93% and sulphur emissions by 99%. Within Hexion the plant has set new benchmarks for fuel use per tonne of resin in Australasia.

The judges said: "A fascinating story, in using a waste gas stream as energy. The project uses a whole value chain approach and converts a liability to an asset. An extremely impressive vision and execution."

Highly commended – DNZ Property Fund

Continuous fine-tuning enables the super-efficient Meridian Building to run on less than a third of the energy of its peers.

One of New Zealand's first Green Star-rated sites, the Meridian Building was designed and built to be an icon of sustainability. But the work hasn't stopped there - owners DNZ have made sure real-life performance meets the hype, with an ongoing programme of monitoring, fine-tuning and optimisation. This has resulted in a site which uses only 28% of mean commercial building energy use - formally measured and verified last year in the NABERSNZ rating pilot. Getting 5.5 stars out of six for energy performance put the building at the top of the NABERSNZ league. The high-profile building is also a potent example of the business case for efficient design, with electricity savings alone compared to an ordinary build calculated at $15 - $18 per m2 per year - or an opportunity benefit worth $67,000 a year.

The judges said: "The owners of this landmark building show continuing leadership by using it as a pilot site for NABERSNZ. It shows vision with long term commitment to an asset and a great partnership between landlord and tenant."

Commended – ASB

ASB's state-of-the-art head office on Auckland's waterfront is twice as efficient as its former home.

With a long history of energy-saving success under its belt, ASB saw its new head office as a chance to be at the forefront of energy efficient, sustainable design. The brief outlined a building that had to be highly efficient, include passive design principles, respond to the climate - and be a great space to work in. Less than a year after it's opened, energy consumption per person in the new site is half that of ASB's former home. It's achieving this with the help of a cunning façade that reduces solar heat gain; opening windows and natural ventilation; good use of thermal mass, and high-efficiency heating and cooling. The bank is not relaxing its energy-saving efforts, with a target to reduce energy use by 3.5% a year over the next three years.

The judges said: "A great vision, combining building and technology design with good management of space. Combining a high-performing site with ASB's established energy management practice is likely to yield very significant long-term results."