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EECA provides funding to make it easier for businesses and householders to choose energy efficiency and renewable energy.  

We currently offer funding for: 



Renewable energy


Many homes are cold are unhealthy because they don't have enough insulation.  A warm, dry home with well-installed insulation is healthier and easier to heat.

Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes is a Government programme offering free insulation for low-income households at high health risk from cold, damp housing.

Find out more about the new insulation programme.


There are a number of ways that EECA may be able to help you improve the energy efficiency of your business and increase the use of renewable energy. We offer a range of services, resources and funding to help you manage your energy spend and use energy efficiently.

Find out more about services and funding on the EECA Business website

Renewable energy

Marine energy deployment fund

The marine energy deployment fund aims to develop the marine energy industry in New Zealand, by supporting the deployment of generating devices.

Find out about the marine energy deployment fund

Feasibility study grants scheme

The feasibility study grants are available to non-residential sites that want to investigate the direct use of bioenergy or geothermal energy.

Find out more about the feasibility study grants