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Renewable energy use in government

Government organisations can lead the way in increasing the use of renewable energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing their energy bills.

Renewable energy is energy made from self-restoring natural resources.

There are a number of ways government organisations can use renewable energy:

Efficient water heating

Solar water heating and heat pump water heating are water heating technologies that can help lower energy use, and power bills. For organisations that use a lot of water, efficient water heating can be very beneficial 

Find out if you are eligible for Crown loans funding for energy efficiency projects through EECA Business

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Distributed generation

Distributed generation is smaller-scale renewable energy generation that feeds directly into the local grid. An example of this is a council using gas from a landfill to generate electricity.

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Wood energy

Wood energy is a good alternative energy source for some government organisations, such as schools who can use wood instead of coal in their boilers. 

You may be able to apply for funding to help you use wood energy in your organisation.

More information

Find out more about renewable energy options on the EECA business website.